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The Blackthorn Factory is back in business!

Our double point needles were the first carbon fiber knitting needles in the world ! They are not made of metal, wood, or plastic. What they are made of is a Carbon Fiber  Composite - the same material used in the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Blackbird Stealth Jet as well as sporting goods that demand strength in a lightweight material.  With their nice pointy tips, we decided that the name Blackthorn DPNs described them perfectly.

Read about us on Ravelry! This link will take you to our Blackthorn DPNs Group. The Group threads are packed with actual user reviews, pictures, comments and answers from myself and fellow knitters.

These sets of 5 needles -- in eight sizes from US 0000 to 4 have the feel of bamboo (smooth but not slick) and feel warm to the touch.  They are as strong as but more flexible than steel.

We make our needles in the popular 6"  length to accommodate most knitting styles and projects.  Your order of Blackthorn DPNs will come in a re-useable clear plastic pillow box.

Click here to see our beautiful  Blackthorn embossed leather storage cases.

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Standard Needles
US sizes 0000, 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, & 4

Size US 0000 equals 1.25mm metric size

Size US 000 equals 1.5mm metric size

Size US 00 equals 1.75mm metric size

Size US 0 equals 2.0mm metric size

 Size US 1 equals 2.50mm metric size

Size US 2 equals 3.00mm metric size

Size US 3 equals 3.25mm metric size

Size US 4 equals 3.5mm metric size

All Standard Needles are 6 inches long.

Price: $35.00